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1. Four competitive scholarships are awarded of $1,000 each to graduating seniors to attend a

college of their choice.

2. The Vicksburg Historical Society has received funding for many projects, most recently $5,000

toward the building of the pavilion.

3. The Club will be hosting a dinner for the Timber Framers Guild on its final night of construction

for the pavilion, along with donating money for the community Ice Cream Social, slated for

Sunday, Sept. 22 as the capstone to all the people who have contributed to the building of the


4. In 2013, $750 was donated to the Rocket Football program “Heads Up for Safety,” to purchase

helmets for participants who couldn’t afford to purchase the pricey head gear.

5. $500 was given to the program to provide Automatic External Defibralators to be installed in the three elementary school buildings in the school district in 2013. Previous to that, $300 was donated to help underwrite the cost of maintenance of the defibrillators at the high school.

6. $1,000 each year is given to the Vicksburg United Way fundraising effort.

7. The Lions and Rotary Clubs sponsor a Honors Banquet for the graduating seniors each year and

give out awards for athletic and scholarship achievements.

8. Rotary sponsors a Strive program at the high school for seniors who need an extra push to

graduate by having friendly and helpful mentors from the Club and the community.

9. Polio Plus is an important project of Rotary International. Each Club member is asked to donate

$1.00 per week to send to the effort to once and for all, eradicate polio world-wide.

10. Generous Hands has received a stipend each year for its backpack program.

11. The W-A-Y program in the school system was given a grant as part of its start-up expenses in 2012.

12. The Crop Walk received $100 for the past few years.

13. Rotary is one of the sponsors of The Old Car Festival each year in June.

14. Rotary is one of the sponsors of The Historical Society ‘s Harvest Festival.

15. The Frost-Bite run, the Vicksburg Library’s Summer Reading program, the Athletic Boosters

program, the Community Education scholarship program, Main Street Review program and

Vicksburg Community School’s Community Tailgate celebration have all received sponsorship

dollars from Rotary.


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